Environmental Programs

Earning a degree in Environmental Geosciences or Environmental Studies will prepare you for a career in education, government, not for profit organizations, private-sector environmental consulting, or business! Our graduates are also exceptionally well prepared for pursuing advanced degrees from law to medicine. Environmental Programs students develop in-demand skills, including Geographic Information Science and Technology (GIST), remote sensing, and environmental sampling and surveying.

[Victor Vallecillo ’21]: So, coming into the college, I didn't really know what I wanted to do career-wise, but going to classes and career fairs, I learned that there are so many different opportunities. As an Environmental Geosciences major, which is an interdisciplinary field, I can tie that into geology, atmospheric sciences, or oceanography. I'm able to work with different samples, able to work with different machines and tools.

[Mia Self ’21]: There are so many job opportunities available for environmental studies in geoscience, like working at the EPA, to policy, to public health. I want to work on relief aid. I myself have been a part of a lot of different research opportunities with marine microbiology, to public health, and then just in the classroom itself, the wide range of availability of classes and learning opportunities, and professors with their backgrounds — it astounds me.