Texas A&M’s Department of Oceanography immerses students in interdisciplinary ocean science education. Our graduates thrive in jobs in marine operations, homeland security applications, water quality monitoring, oil spill response, severe weather prediction, hazards forecasting, climate change research, and more!

[Corinne Cox ’23]: I was attracted to oceanography because I have always been interested in the ocean, and I've always loved it. I am personally on the marine ecosystem science and health track. So, it is really perfect for me because I want to go into conservation, and it helps me really learn about what is keeping our marine ecosystems healthy, and what needs to be taken away to make sure that they're sustainable.

[Kimber De Salvo’18]: Oceanographers have a variety of career paths we can go into. There's opportunities with the military, or with industry, or academia. In the Oceanography Department, there are many field research experiences that students can take part of. One that I got to participate in is research at the University of Maine's Darling Marine Center, where I got to do several research expeditions, and I also got to participate in research expeditions on the Gulf Coast in Galveston Bay.

IODP analyzes ocean sediment cores, while GERG has a really cool program that involves gliders. They're underwater vehicles that can be piloted from the facility here on campus. And both research facilities are great opportunities for students to conduct research.