Small College, Big Opportunities

The Texas A&M College of Geosciences is more than extraordinary faculty at a world-class institution. We believe Geoscientists are called to serve in our communities and in our worldfearlessly and passionately. 

Are you ready to become an Aggie Geoscientist?

[Dr. Debbie Thomas]: One of the things we do brilliantly that really distinguishes us from other colleges and universities is that we offer unparalleled out-of-the-classroom professional development opportunities. But we encourage students as early as their freshman year to start getting into research programs, that way they develop amazing relationships with their professors and their other students. And that sense of community, you know, you can't put a value on that.

[Michael Martinez ’19]: One of the great institutions that we have on this campus is IODP, which is the International Ocean Discovery Program. We are one of three major boats that sails around the planet, drilling cores into the sea. And we take that sediment and we study it, whether it's the fossil content or the mineral content, and we learn things about different settings around the world.

[Victor Vallecillo ’21]: Here in the College of Geosciences, I can see that my professors are passionate about what they're teaching, and I just really connect with them. My favorite building is the Oceanography and Meteorology Building. I spend a lot of time here, specifically working in a research lab. We do research on coral reefs, on different sediments, on trees from Peru.

[Max Crawford ’13]: My favorite building on campus is the O&M. Up on the top floor is the reading room, and that's where a lot of meteorology students, but really anybody in the college, could just come in, and it was a great place to just kind of unwind in between classes. Next to the reading room is also where we would have all of our weather maps and big screens, where you could put weather graphics on there from various different perspectives of just surface temperature, all the way up to the top of the atmosphere.

[Michael Martinez ’19]: Being a student in Aggieland is fantastic. It's full of tradition. It's full of friendship. It's full of acceptance. It's pretty fun.